Writing can be a solitary business, so I especially enjoy opportunities to talk about my research. Over the years I’ve spoken at events on both sides of the Atlantic, interacting with audiences ranging in size from a few dozen to several hundreds.

"Turncoat: Benedict Arnold and the Crisis of American Liberty"

‘Read The Revolution’
Museum of the American Revolution, Philadelphia
January 2020

"Benedict Arnold: Empire, Identity and Allegiance in an Age of Revolution"

30th Annual French and Indian War Seminar,
Jumonville, Pennsylvania
November 2018

"'Hearing the bullets whistle’: Washington’s French and Indian War"

Symposium: “George Washington Goes to War”,
George Washington’s Mount Vernon, VA,
November 2015

"George Washington at War"

12th Annual Seminar on the American Revolution,
Fort Ticonderoga, New York,
September 2015

"The family correspondence of General James Wolfe"

Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto,
June 2014

"George Washington: Gentleman Warrior"

Michelle Smith Lecture Series,
George Washington’s Mount Vernon, VA,
May 2014

"George Washington: Gentleman Warrior"

Boston Public Library, Boston, MA,
February 2014

"Learning to Lead: George Washington’s Military Apprenticeship"

Symposium: “George Washington: The American Cincinnatus”,
Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, VA,
February 2014

"George Washington: Gentleman Warrior"

A series of talks given at Washington College, Chestertown, MD; Old Barracks Museum, Trenton, NJ; American Independence Museum, Exeter, NH; Falmouth Historical Society, Falmouth, MA; Old South Meeting House, Boston, MA; George Washington University, Washington, DC,    
October 2013

"Enemy Commanders: Britain’s Greatest Foes"

Successfully represented “finalist” George Washington in a day of talks to find the British Army’s most formidable enemy, National Army Museum, Chelsea,
April 2012

"Officer of the King, General of the Republic: George Washington and the British Army, 1754-1783"

Keynote speaker at conference: “Britain’s Soldiers, 1750-1815”,
University of Leeds, UK,
July 2011

"From Fort Necessity to Fallen Timbers: Reflections on War in America, 1754-94"

Conference: “1760: Cherokee Victory at Fort Loudoun”,
Fort Loudoun, Vonore, Tennessee,
August 2010

"One More Card to Play: Revisiting Wolfe’s Final Stratagem at Quebec"

Keynote speaker at conference: “1759 Revisited: The Conquest of Canada in Historical Perspective”,
Institute for Advanced Studies, University of London,
September 2009

"Global Precursors to and consequences of the Seven Years’ War"

Conference: “La Guerre de Sept Ans en Amérique, 1755-1760”,
Musée de l’Amérique Française, Quebec,
September 2009

"A Chosen Body of Troops’: Wolfe’s Army at Quebec"

Lunchtime lecture,
National Army Museum, Chelsea,
September 2009

"Will the Real General Wolfe Please Stand Up?: Benjamin West, JSC Schaak, and visual representations of James Wolfe"

At: “1759: An Interdisciplinary Conference”,
Queen’s University, Belfast,
April 2009

"Why Wolfe won: revisiting the Quebec campaign of 1759"

Special interest weekend: “1759: Britain’s ‘Wonderful Year’”,
Christ Church Oxford,
March 2009

"The British Army in the 1758 Forbes Campaign"

20th Annual French and Indian War Seminar,
Jumonville, Pennsylvania,
November 2008

"A Tale of Two Brigadiers: James Wolfe and Lord Howe in 1758"

13th Annual War College of the Seven Years War,
Fort Ticonderoga, New York,
April 2008

"Wolfe at Louisbourg: the making of a trans-Atlantic hero"

12th Annual Ohio Country Conference,
Saint Vincent College, Latrobe, Pennsylvania
March 2008

"General James Wolfe: America's Forgotten Hero?"

17th Annual French and Indian War History Seminar,
Jumonville, Pennsylvania,
November 2005

"Bloody Baptism: The British Army and Braddock's Defeat?"

At the invitation of Bedford County Historical Society,
Old Bedford Village, Pennsylvania,
July 2005

"Braddock's Defeat: British Perspectives"

9th Annual Ohio Country Conference: “1755: War Spreads Across a Continent”,
University of Pittsburgh, Greensburg Campus,
March 2005

"Where three worlds collide"

Public history forum on the battle of Fort Necessity 1754,
Fort Necessity, Pennsylvania,
July 2004

"New light on an old story: the St. Francis Raid revisited"

9th Annual War College of the Seven Years’ War,
Fort Ticonderoga, New York,
May 2004

"Anglo-American attitudes, War and Empire: The British Experience 1689-1763"

Speaker and panel chairman at The Historical Association Border Conference,
University of Northumbria, Carlisle,
July 2003

"Who were Braddock’s Men?"

Keynote speaker at 14th Annual French and Indian War History Seminar, Braddock Road Preservation Association,
Jumonville, Pennsylvania,
November 2002

"Forging the first ‘American Army’: British regular soldiers in the ‘Great War for Empire’"

Keynote speaker at 7th Annual War College of the Seven Years’ War,
Fort Ticonderoga, New York,
May 2002

"'The bloodiest scene in all America’: Reassessing the St Francis Raid of 1759"

British Association for American Studies Annual Conference,
Rothermere American Institute, University of Oxford, UK,
April 2002

"Home from America: The British Army and veterans of the Revolutionary War’"

Omohundro Institute Conference on Early American History and Culture,
Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University, UK,
September 2000

"The first ‘American Army’? A study of soldiering and identity in the late colonial world"

Brunel-Cambridge Conference on Early American History and Culture,
Brunel University, UK,
June 1999