Cassell’s Companion to Eighteenth Century Britain

Available from Amazon US or Amazon UK or Amazon CA. Co-authored with Emeritus Professor W. A. Speck. (Cassell & Co: London, 2001)

The ‘long’ eighteenth century from 1688 to 1815 was a critical period in British history. Domestically, it witnessed the beginnings of constitutional monarchy in the ‘Glorious Revolution’, the creation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain in the Act of Union of 1707, and a growth in political stability that underpinned Britain’s emergence as a great power possessing the world’s most advanced economy. Abroad, Britain fought wars for colonial and maritime supremacy, achieving domination in India and North America – but was forced to cede independence to those colonies that became the USA. The end of the period saw Britain embroiled in two decades of warfare in which she formed and subsidised coalitions against the might of revolutionary and Napoleonic France.

Cassell’s Companion to Eighteenth Century Britain provides a considered overview of these hugely significant political, diplomatic and military events, together with an in depth coverage of the economic, social and cultural factors that shaped this era of British history. As well as offering a plethora of brief factual entries delivering essential quick reference information, the volume also includes numerous essay length thematic articles, treating important aspects of the period. Comprehensive, analytical and informed by the latest scholarship, the Companion is the ideal reference for college students and academics, and a clear and accessible guide to eighteenth century Britain for all those with an interest in any aspect of the period.